The Internet of Things isn’t anything new. It is all around us, and is growing rapidly. Each and every day new connections are made between appliances.

If we extend this to our production lines, we see that there is a exponential growth of devices with an “IP address”. When sensors are also connected, the amount of data will grow at double or triple the speed as it does now. Data that has never been accessible before. This data has an incredible value that could be added to our technique and knowledge of producing. This data could change the way we produce today.

Besides data changes we also find dynamism on a social level. Employees and their specialties are integrated into the system so their work becomes more varied, more challenging, but also more efficient.


Efficiency not by working harder, but working smarter. If possible, the employee on the floor will be eliminated as much as possible to optimize the process and increase quality and consistency. We cannot win the battle against low-wage countries. That is why our vision is focused on quality. Industry 4.0 is a nice guideline in this vision. Our collected DATA offers possibilities for the future.

Industry 4.0 : Knowledge is power

However, the employee still remains valuable, in a different way. MMI therefore offers its employees the freedom to develop themself. Education and training are therefore annually issues we offer our employees. We are also certified as training company for internships.


We meet the quality requirements in accordance with the IATF 16949 standard. Our processes are therefore fully geared towards manufacturing high-quality products.