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We are specialized in machining operations and subassembly for general engineering and automotive industries.

We use a FMS system (Flexible Manufacturing System) linked to four Okuma MA600 horizontal CNC milling machines. This enables us to produce large and small series together in a continuous production environment. This way of working offers a great flexibility allowing products effectively and efficiently processed and delivered as agreed.

Furthermore, we use robots for the automatic loading of CNC machines. This enables us to offer large series at a competitive price.

With the link below you can see the list of our machinery.

  Machine list MMI Eng.pdf

New machine

Recently, MMI has invested in three new milling machines, 2x a Okuma MA600-HII and 1x a Okuma MF46-VA for replacement and expansion of the existing machinery.

Both the Okuma MA600-HII machines are linked to the existing Fastems line. At this moment there are 3 Okuma MA600 horizontal milling machines linked to the Fastems line.

Therefore we are better able to offer large batches milling work at a good price.